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I just retired from a state job after 28 years. Retirement has its advantages, but I like keeping busy. I have always wanted to own my own business. I had tried many things over the last twenty years. Most of them took too much time away from home or too much personal contact with prospects. I have always been a little shy. When I got tired of retirement I started looking around on the internet. I was looking for a work at home job that does not require a lot of money to start and one that has a good track record. This one has all the advantages and no disadvantages.

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I spent two years in the military when I was much younger and I had a computer operator job for five years in California after that. Not counting my teen jobs I have been at a JOB for 35 years. That’s a long time working for someone else. After retirement I took a couple of short term jobs, but really needed to just take some time off and check out retirement. We have always lived in the country and had a nice place out there. Our area had a habit of flooding in the winter time. My wife had to drive about 40 miles back and forth to work every day usually coming home at night. I worried about her every day. We finally decided to give up the country life and move to town. Now she only drives about 15 minutes in the city. My stress level is much lower now.

Since we moved into town and live in a much smaller place there is not as much to keep me busy. Before I had a big shop and made all kinds of bird houses and metal sculptures. My daughter is very talented and would put the finishing touches on things and market them at a small store in her area. Things did pretty well for about ten years. It was nice to help her out while her kids were small, she needed the money. Now the girls are both in school and she has taken a receptionist job to make ends meet. My wife has been working at a local grocery store. She doesn’t mind the hard work, she just doesn't like the constant bickering among employees

I feel this work at home job has it all. It has a proven track record of over eight million affiliates, it has a great training program. It gives you a chance to progress at your own pace. You are able to walk to work (your home office) and not have get up to the sound of an ugly alarm clock every day. It gives you a chance to help other people to achieve their goals, thus helping yourself likewise. It does not require you to go to meetings, have a college education, meet prospects in person, or have any inventory on hand.

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My vision for this business is to keep busy. To be able to work at home. To be able to make as much money as I want and not be limited by what a boss or another person thinks. I have always worked hard, now I can work smart too. The different ways to make money in this business blows my mind. It just takes consistent, persistent effort and it works.

In five years I want to be able look back and be satisfied that I’ve helped a lot of people achieve their goals. I want to have my wife be able to quit her job as soon as she can. I want to be able to help my granddaughters go through college. I want to be able to travel anywhere in the world when I please, and not have to worry about living from paycheck to paycheck like I did for more than 30 years.

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Chuck Rudesill
Chuck Rudesill

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