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Brand Your Company and Watch the Sales Skyrocket

Article by
Ken Bidgood
Branding, that recognizable image, logo, or catchphrase that easily clarifies what product or services your company sells. Creating a look all your own is what it's all about. When you see an orange X with a dot for a head, everyone recognizes it as Cingular; and the phrase, "You're in good hands with ..." of course you know it as Allstate.

Branding does take a great deal of money. As a business, you may find this to be a dilemma. Yet it is not impossible to create an affordable brand. All it takes is a little ingenuity and an honest critic.

If you are selling a product such as hair gel, by simply adding a picture of yourself onto the product, you have successfully branded your merchandise. Now when people see you smiling back at them from the side of gel bottles in stores, they will immediately remember your product and where to get it. Add a catchy phrase next to the picture and you are off to the races!

Liquor companies are big fans of branding. Do you all remember the, "Tastes Great, Less Filling" catchphrase that became so popular in the late 80's? I really don't even remember what beer used it but I will never forget it and neither will millions of other people around the world. Successful branding seems to become engrained in your head.

You must come up with something unique but related to your product in order to "brand" it. Think of what the product is or what it does, the shape of the container, the colors involved. Find a place to add a photo, and think of a truly memorable catchphrase.

Branding is a lot easier when you have a group of people to brainstorm with. Try sitting around and tossing around options and ideas and make sure to note which ones make you laugh and seem easy to remember yet are still related to your product. Find places on the packaging, sales brochures, and label on which you can place a photo.

Make some flyers, buy business cards and order brochures. Send them to everyone on your contact list and be sure to hand them out to anyone you meet. This is both cheap and yet very effective.

You are going to want to create an effective mailing list so be sure to visit trade shows and try speaking at any public events that you think would be appropriate. Be sure to tell others how your business has grown as it will help build enthusiasm for your company. Have a sign up sheet available for people to add themselves to your mailing list and don't forget to exchange your business cards with other business people. If any of the people visiting your booth happen to have business cards, exchange with them too! Then try to capitalize on these new contacts by promptly sending branding material to them via mail thanking them for the opportunity to tell them about your product.

Branding works and it is profitable. The more people that recognize your product or your face; the more likely they are to have interest in what you have to say or the services you provide. A perfect example is California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Don't you think it was his branding that got him elected? I'm not saying he isn't qualified to be the governor, but he certainly was the best branded person running for governor of California!
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