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  Building A Team

Article by
Jennifer Brown

Building a downline team is crucial to the success of an multi-level marketer. But building a team and building a successful and profitable team are two entirely different things. Here are some tips on how to build the most successful team you can:
  1. Take the time to build relationships. Make a point to contact by email, phone, or letter, all the members of your team as frequently as you can. Offer them your best advice on how to start out and invite them to contact you with any questions. Even if they don't ever respond, it is important that you let them know that you are there to help and that their success matters to you.

  2. Don't hold back. Share all the secrets of your success with your team members. Tell them about all the resources you use and have used so that they may try them and find their own path to success. Remember, you are not in competition with them. They are members of your team--the more successful they are the more successful you will be.

  3. Lead by example. If you have found a successful business model for yourself and think it will work for others, let them know about it. Explain how and why it works so well and help them implement it for their own businesses

  4. Believe in them. They are starting out now just as you once were and you have acheived your success. They will, too. All they need is the guidance and encouragement from a great leader like you.

Jennifer Brown is the owner of Make Money Stay At Home Mom , a writer, and stay-at-home-mom currently residing in Japan.