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Easy Steps To Reciprocal Linking

Joanne Tinsley

1. Download google toolbar @
The tool bar will show you the page rank of the page you are visiting. On the toolbar is a page rank bar. It ranks from 1-10. If they bar is gray, the page has not been ranked by googles (new site). If the bar is white, it has been ranked and is a zero (0). If there is a green bar, that is the page rank. Hold your cursor over the green and it will tell you exactly what the page rank is.

2. In your word pad, you will need to have available the following information.
Title: xxxxxx
Url: http:// xxxxx
Description: xxxxxx (200 characters or less)

Linking URL: http://xxxxxx
A letter to sent to webmasters asking to exchange links with your information included.

3. Do a googles search for your keywords with quotes. Example: "home business""reciprocal links"

4. Pick a site and go to it. Check your toolbar and see how it ranks. When your on the site, look for the link to links. It may say links, resources, partners, link to us, add a link. It should be on the home page. Sometimes it is on the bottom of the page. Click the link and there are usually instructions on how to link. Some pages have categories. Click on the category and look again to see how that page ranks. This is the page that the search engines are going to pick up your link and rate you.
Most sites will have a code to copy and paste. Copy and paste it then put it on your site. If the site just gives you their information without a code, then you have to code it.

The code should look like this.

<p><a href="" target='blank'>Re'ahnas Home Business Opportunity</a> <br>You can have a profitable business from your own home. We offer FREE training, support, and website. Our system will show you how to build a successful business with a great income from home.</p>

It should contain the URL, Title, Description, in that order.

It will look like this:

Re'ahnas Home Business Opportunity
You can have a profitable business from your own home. We offer FREE training, support, and website. Our system will show you how to build a successful business with a great income from home.

Then go back to their site and add your information. Some sites have forms to fill out. Simple copy and paste the information from your note pad into the form. Others, you have to email the webmaster. That is where the letter comes in. Click the email link and copy and paste the letter into the email. Please be professional with your emails, you are making a first impression!

Some sites will not link to you. You need to check your links to see if they are linking back. Give them some time to link. I give them about three weeks. Then I send a second request. If I can not find my link on their site or I have not heard from them after six weeks, I simply delete their link. I also send them an email stating I have done so and the reason why.

It is better to have many high ranking page links. Just because the home page ranks a 5, that doesn't mean the link page ranks a 5. Keep this in mind!

On a technical note, outbound links should open in a new window. This will leave your site open on the viewers' screens, so they will come back to it after they close the other site (even though they may have forgotten about it). You do this by placing a "target" attribute in the anchor tag of your link and creating a name for the new window.

About the Author:
Joanne is the webmaster of Re'ahnas Home Business Opportunity and Home Based Web Business Opportunity