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Marketing Successfully

  Article by Tina Valiedi

A huge part of a successful business can be found in their
marketing plan. It's the corner stone  that builds a strong
and successful business. A business runs on the strength of
their marketing. Without marketing, a business will soon no
longer exist. Marketing consist of two parts, a product or
service and demand an need for that product or service.

Proper marketing starts with having a product or service
that will provide fix for your customers needs. You need to
designate your target market that will need what you have
to offer. For instance, if you where selling electrical
components you would not want to target the plumbing
industry. It is also a good idea to incorporate a diverse
product line, so anyone who would use your product or
service on a minimal basis will be able to purchase from
you instead of your competitors. In this case you need to
assess what size the need is and how you will be able to
best market your product to fill the need.

The goal should be to underestimate your potential and not
to overestimate. This consists of two areas. First being,
be sure that you can meet the demands of your customers
without having too much invested upfront. Second, you
should never promise more than you can deliver.

Cash flow gives you the money to market and marketing
brings in your cash flow. Important to make sure they are
working together. A bad buying decision of too much product
reduces working cash flow when that product doesn't' move
out the door. Realistically antispate your customer needs
and purchase accordingly.  Tying up your cash in product
can lead to disaster before your business gets the chance
to take off.

Another to include in your marketing plan is a realist time
line of what your company can do. If your research
indicates it can take 14 hours to complete the job, don't
tell your customer it will be finished in 4 hours. The 4
hour promise may clinch the first sale, but when you can't
deliver, you loose the potential of repeat business. Your
reputation is a marketing commodity... good or bad.

Over deliver, under promise and focus on knowing about your
target market and your customer needs. This approach gives
a better and more effective way to market your and gauge
your business growth.

Tina Valiedi is the Executive of Marketing and Chief Editor
of MPStrategies Firm,a company whose breakthrough service
unleashes the power of the internet to drive hidden
potential clients to your site. Find out how at: