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Marketing Tips for More Sales
Article by Scott Geld

What kind of things can you do to bring in more sales to
your company or business? There are actually several simple
ways that you can improve your sales. Increasing sales does
not have to be all about spending a lot of money. In fact,
there are many low cost things that you can do that will
have a huge impact on your sales.

One of the easiest things you can do is to think about how
your customers think and feel and how they will look at your
company and your business. For example, is your store or
office clean? What do people see when they enter your
business? They should get a place that is clean and
professional or inviting.

Restrooms should also be very clean with proper toiletries
and other things that are needed. There is nothing worse
than visiting a business and using the restroom to find
there is no toilet paper or paper towels. It can be a poor
first impression and may lead someone to leave your business
or store.

Another great way to increase sales is through your customer
service. You should have an easy and always available number
for people to call. You should have a friendly phone system
and train people who answer the phone to always be polite
and friendly. You should have a friendly voice mail system
and you should always respond to voice mails promptly.

Train all of your staff to be happy, friendly and
complimentary towards your customers at all times. Take some
time to learn the names and details of your customers; this
is a great way to show that you care.  Ask your customers
for feedback. When you get results, make them public
knowledge, even if they are not 100% positive.  By doing
this people will see that you are honest and that you
truly care about your customers.

Encourage your sales team to learn the names of their
regular customers. It is vital that your customer feels
that they are important to your company. Remembering
details such as name and where they last went on holiday is
a great way to build relationships and boost sales.

Whenever you conduct a customer survey it is important that
you publish the results. Whilst not all answers are likely
to be ideal, this gives a true reflection and implies that
you are an honest and open company. Try these simple tips
to help boost your sales!

This article was written by Scott F. Geld
Scott is the Manger of Marketing<a
href=""> Blaster</a>,
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