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Prime The Pump With Other's Lists And Get Your Online
Business Flowing!

  Article by Riki Trafford

The online marketing world is all about the conversion rate.
Turning visitors, from your list, or other sources, into
purchasers is the name of the game. The site that attracts
the more visitors doesn't always win. Only visitors that
come from outside your site and already have an interest in
your product or service are poised to bring about the best

But, what do you do when these visitors aren't coming over
in droves?  The next route is to find ways to bring them
over.  Many website owners do this through getting their
hands on other people's lists.  This may sound tricky, but
it's really more accessible than you may think.

A few places where you can find these lists are suggested

1.  Bulk E-mail.
Opt-in visitors are searching for more information about
your type of products or services.  By categorizing these
requests, bulk mailers sell these lists to interested
parties for their use.  Find out the age of these lists and
don't use old lists.  Also, ask how often the lists are
updated or how frequency the list is sold to other buyers.
A few bulk e-mail distributors are,, and  From these
lists, website owners can establish direct mail campaigns
like advertisements and newsletter with links that will
draw in visitors.

2.  Directories.
Special organizations and affiliations have lists for
members.  Many prospects in these lists started as part of
an organization's survey.  Only use lists that are part of
your industry.  Also, make sure your type of business is
relevant to these lists.  An example source is

3.  Links.
Thinking outside the realm of your own website opens the
doors for connecting links into your site.  As long as the
outside location closely matches what you offer, the odds
of visitors clicking through to your site is very good.
Make sure the links contain software that grabs key visitor
information so you can follow up with "thank you"
emails and the like. Well known examples, providing good
quality visitors are Google Adwords, or Direct MO
Marketing.  Also, aim at originating your links from other
people's e-zines and blogs.

4.  Spammers.  (Dangerous Territory Ahead!)
Some email lists come from crooked website owners who pry
into other people's computers or websites.  The contacts
gleaned are then sent advertising messages as a way to draw
visitors to the spammer's, or their customer's sites.  For
example, in some cases, Internet postcard mailers look like
harmless services but are actually collecting email
addresses to later use in lists that are sold to interested

Opt-in participants make up the best lists.  These visitors
really have asked to know more about your product or
service.  However, if a visitor feels misled or just a
number, you can throw away any hope for making a sale.  The
best lists are fresh, recent. Older lists generally result
in recipients that are tired of being contacted.  Double
check lists for duplicates.  Many opt-in lists also sort
the participants according to their demographics and
interests.  To avoid a low conversion rate, don't buy lists
that your competitors already bought.

Without a doubt, the best-of-the-best lists is to
build your own from your community or your loyal customers.

To "prime the pump" with highly targeted visitors at a
very affordable cost, contact for ways
to build the most qualified prospect list..

Riki Trafford shows you how easy it is for you to find
<a href="">low cost, keyword-targeted,
pre-qualified web-site visitors</a> for your business.
See more of Riki's articles at Copyright 2005 Riki Trafford. All rights reserved.