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  Promoting Your Ecommerce Site

Article by
Scott F. Geld

You've got your Ecommerce site all set up and you're ready for customers. But where are they? Now the real work begins! You have to attract customers to walk into your Web store? How are you going to do that? Here are some ideas:

Submit Your Web Store to Search Engines
Begin with the major search engines and directories, for example, Google, Yahoo and so on. After that, find out which other search engines are more specific to your line of business and submit to them. Once that's done, you can submit to the others that are available. 
Cross Link with Other Web Sites
Contact other sites that attract a similar type of customer that you do, and cross link with them. Sites that are related but not exactly the same work best. For example, if you sell flooring, find a site that sells floor cleaner to link to...related, but not the same.
Purchase Links
Some successful Web stores sell links to their Web sites. Their traffic level could be high enough that it may be worth it for you to pay for a link on someone else's site. You'll want to consider this carefully though, and make sure that there is good potential for attracting new business this way. also sells direct links in a number of categories for only $5/month.
Offer Affiliate Programs
An affiliate program simply means that you allow other Web sites to market your products or services. You still fulfill the orders, but you pay your affiliate a commission for each sale they generate.
Posting to Newsgroups
The strategy of posting to newsgroups is not as popular as it once was due to the level of Spam that newsgroups get. But it still may be worth some investigation. Be sure to choose your newsgroups carefully and only post when you have something of value to add. Remember, your signature
acts as an advertisement for your Web store.

Keep Your Content Current
It's very important to keep your content fresh and change it regularly, so that visitors can expect updated information when they visit your site. They'll keep returning if there's always something new to read about.
Email Marketing
Make sure your site visitors have a way of leaving their contact details on your Web site so that you can Email them offers, information or newsletters in the future. The list of names generated from this technique is probably your most valuable resource. Make sure that when you do send Email to this list that it is worth your recipients while to read it. Too much contact of too little value can drive customers and potential customers away. Never be guilty of spamming.
Use an Email Signature
Create an Email signature file that includes the URL of your Web store. Every Email you send to anyone is an advertisement for your business.
Put Your URL on Everything
Your URL should appear on every piece of communication your company puts out. This includes letterhead, envelopes, business cards, packaging, invoices, labels, brochures and catalogues. This is publicity and it's free!

Scott F. Geld is the Vice President of Marketing for  Contact him for all of your direct link needs and for highly targeted PPC traffic.