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Substantially Lower Your Business Expenses

  Article by Nyall Bakk

It is anything but cheap to keep a business running.
Carefully tracking your expenses is imperative.  Proper
money management is practice by business professionals the
world over.  From paying wages to covering the cost of
doing business, a consistent cash flow is important to
maintain.  Without the right knowledge and discipline, it
will be difficult for any business owner to maintain funds.
Operating costs may be significantly reduced by
implementing some very fundamental money management

The Business Line of Credit Will Help

There are advantages to using a business line of credit to
cover operational costs.  Larger lines of credit and
reduced interest rates are some of these advantages.  The
business line of credit is unsecured capital so it may be
used to pay any business related expense that may arise.

On-Time Payments

Sloppy bill paying habits can lower your credit rating and
destroy any possibilities of funding future growth.  Not to
mention the additional late fees and hikes in interest rates
due to poor bill paying habits.  Paying your bills early
often results in additional savings.

Maximizing Tax Deductions

A lot of people do not record their expenses or take full
advantage of the deductions they are allowed.  Claiming a
home office has the potential of lowering the stated value
of your home, but the tax benefits most likely outweigh any
potential decrease.  It is best to consult with an
accountant to make the best use of all the tax deductions
you are allowed by law.

Technology Increases Efficiency and Profits

Wireless technology has improved by leaps and bounds in
recent years.  Companies such as Vonage can offer companies
a low-cost option for their telephone expenses.  Long
distance fees have the potential to put a crimp on spending
but that is no longer a concern today.

Integrate Office Equipment

A functional office used to require a lot of different
machines.  Today, however, the fax, phone, scanner, and
printer are available in one machine.  By using integrated
office equipment, you can save on expenses and office space.
Who knows, you might need both for future expansion!

Discounts from Association Membership

Professional associates and warehouse clubs offer associate
discounts on a variety of products and services.  Take full
advantage of the associate discounts.

Places like Sams Club and Coscos claim to be in business to
serve small business.  By buying your office supplies,
furniture, and equipment from places like these, your
annual savings could be substantial.

Even the Chamber of Commerce offers their members huge
savings on advertising and network marketing.  You can
offset expenses in every area of business.

Ever Consider Merchant Accounts

If your business does not rely heavily upon credit card
transactions, then you may want to look into payment
services like Paypal as a means of reducing costs.
Merchant accounts can take a serious bite out of your
bottom line by the time the lease of the credit card
machine and transaction fees are taken into account.
Payment services such as Paypal have no machines to lease
and charge significantly lower transaction fees.

Each suggestion offered can definitely impact your bottom
line.  Reducing operational costs is possible if you use
some of the money management strategies listed above.  The
tiny changes made today could end up saving you thousands
of dollars down the road.

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