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The Press Release as an Effective Marketing Tool

  Article by Mark Vandorone

You cannot conduct business in splendid isolation. Using
publicity to get business is essential. Advertising is the
medium most used for informing your target market about
your services and goods, although sometimes it is difficult
to communicate why your goods and services are different
from or better than the rest. Whilst advertising tends to
be the most conventionally accepted way of getting your
product known it tends to be expensive. Moreover, you need
to match your advertising method to your business medium
which makes some of the more relied upon advertising
channels unsuitable for businesses conducted on the

One great way to publicize your internet business is by
issuing press releases. Press releases or news releases are
brief documents that are used to communicate news (not to
be confused with advertising) to the media. This one page
news release is the most basic of publicity tools, at the
same time it is also one of the most powerful documents
that your company can possess - IF it is used correctly.
Just one news release can reach thousands of potential

The news release is a gentle piece that does not shout out
like an ad: a press briefing that makes unsubstantiated
claims is not a good one; the emphasis is on information.
Media outlets think about their readership, so your press
piece will have legs if it seems like the readers will care
about the news you want to pass on. In other words the key
to your news release is that it has real news in it.

Time is of the essence when it comes to issuing a
press release. Ideally, issuing a press release a
day or two before an event is often recommended.
You get the publicity just when you need it the
most. The content of your press release must be
creative, eye catching, and somehow moving to the
reader. Your final release copy should be able to
communicate ideas and your USP in a manner that
makes the copy of interest to the news-hungry. You
must prepare the press release by highlighting the
points that distinguish your company from others.

Remember to focus on the true aim of your press release. To
encourage more people to want to visit your site. The press
release should leave them wanting to know more about you
and your business.

You can be sure that any editor will pay little attention
to overblown marketing speak that claims a product is the
best in the world or absolutely unique. They will be
unimpressed with cheap stunts as well. There is a style for
press releases accepted throughout the industry, and your
copy must live up to this standard. A news-editor will
likely have your piece fact checked before running it, so
if you have stretched or distorted the facts you may be
exposed as a fraud. Not all publicity is good publicity and
you could probably do without this kind of exposure.

A good press release should have a well-thoughtout
story angle.  Think of an attention grabbing headline
that summarizes your press release. Most of the time
a good headline can go a long way in ensuring whether
your press release get the due consideration of the
reporters. The tone of the press release should be
objective and not personalized or biased.

Targeting the right people is also essential to getting
your story aired. A bit of research is therefore advisable:
go to websites that cover news or look in newspapers in
order to find out which reporters have covered activities
or events that are comparable to yours means you will know
who to send your release to.

Using press releases as a device to market services and
products can be powerful. It is also possible to get
professional help, and there are providers of press
releases who offer their services online. They can take
over the distribution of informative press releases on
behalf of your organization. Press release distribution
firms with good reputations should have comprehensive
contact databases available that they will use. The staff
at these companies are specialists who are able to provide
tailor-made solutions for every customer whilst avoiding
any problems or overused tactics when timing the press

It is also common to find these marketing experts have high
tech services that increase and maintain additional web
traffic to your site and get you good listings on the big
search engine sites. Other services include setting up a
blog or a news feed via RSS.

Online there exists a whole range of services that will
distribute your press release or can facilitate the
creation and distribution of your press release to the
specific channel(s) you have selected, for example high
profile industry and sector publications, national and top
daily newspapers, the best sources of online news, as well
as Radio and TV.  The majority of these services, like
those of, eReleases,,
Send2Press and Eworldwire, are constructed to be time and
money saving, whilst distributing your press release to
your target segment.

About the author:
 Mark Vandorone is the founder and CEO of Five
<a href="">Marketing</a>, a
quality provider of highly targeted traffic for your online
marketing campaigns.
For more information go to