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Web Hosting and Web Sites

  Article by Jastor Pran

YRenting space from a web hosting company is necessary before
a web site can be accessed from the internet.  There are
plenty of companies who offer these services plus a wide
variety of other options.  It's not unusual to spend
thousands of dollars on web hosting services.

With so many hosting companies available, it's not easy
selecting the right one.  Hundred of features, services and
options are to be considered.  Most importantly, choose a
service that meets all of your needs.

Every web site needs a domain name, especially if you are a
business. However, if you are working on a personal homepage
a domain name isn't as important. Some people judge the
quality of a web site by its domain name.

Prices for web hosting services range from free for personal
homepages to expensive for large corporate web sites.
Virtual web hosting allows you to host your web site using a
domain name of your choice.  When purchasing space, you will
be given a specific amount of disk space measured in MB.
This is shared space with other web sites.  The most common
is virtual hosting plans.  Serious start-up businesses can
create a professional image online at a low cost and as
their business grows they can increase their services

Web sites are usually hosted on dedicated servers.  By
renting the machine, you have increase control over software
installed on the machine.  The major benefit is this allows
you to process more traffic on your site.

All web hosting services offer a variety of plans.  Gaining
more disk space is easy by simply upgrading your plan and
paying the difference.  Storage space is calculated by the
amount of web pages, images, multimedia files, e-mail
messages and scripts saved on the hard drive. An allotment
of data transfer is included with each plan.  This is the
amount that can be downloaded in any given month with no
additional charge.  A fee will be implemented if you go
over this limit and upgrading your plan may be necessary.

Each web hosting plan also includes an allotment of data
transfer that can be downloaded in any given month for no
additional charge. When you go over this limit, your web
site will continue to function, however you will need to
either upgrade to a web hosting plan that accommodates your
needs, or alternatively pay for the extra data transfer as
you use it.

About the author:
 Jastor Pran is the administrator of <a
href="">AB Web Hosting,
Inc.</a>, the premier source for your web hosting needs
and answers.  For your needs and questions please visit: